The 10 Most Ripped-Off Viral Ads Of All Time

Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Around 72 hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube every minute. Problem is, a significant portion of these uploads consist of ripped and repurposed content.For example, if you search for “Somebody That I Used To Know Music Video” on YouTube, you’ll see that four of the top six search results are of the same music video. Three of those results are re-uploads of the official music video. As a matter of fact, the top result isn’t even the official music video — it’s someone’s dubstep remix of the song.

So, when it comes to music-related videos, a lot of the content posted on YouTube is either ripped, remixed, lip-dubbed, or parodied content.

Same goes with sports. If you do a YouTube search for “Kobe 81 points,” you’ll get a never-ending stream of video highlights from Kobe Bryant’s 81-point game against the Toronto Raptors on January 22, 2006.

For advertisers, this business of having your video ripped, remixed, or parodied would be a dream come true. More copies, derivatives, and search results for the video means more eyeballs on the ad — which would also mean less work to be done by the advertiser.

Digital video analytics and advertising firm Visible Measures combed the Internet to find which ads were ripped, copied, mashed-up, re-mixed, and parodied the most times in the history of the Internet. Visible Measures then ranked each of these ads according to number of views the copied and derivative videos received.

From a suggestive condom ad to a video showing off Apple’s next big gadget, these are the most shared and talked about ads of all time.

10. Get It On (Durex) – 21.9 Million Social Views

9. Oh Africa (Pepsi) – 22.6 Million Social Views

7. Introducing iPhone 4S – 28.3 Million Social Views

6. Kobe Bryant Jumps Over An Aston Martin Wearing Nike Hyperdunks – 34 Million Social Views

5. Evolution (Dove Soap) – 36.6 Million Social Views

4. Just My Shell (M&M's) – 38.6 Million Social Views

3. Xbox Project Natal – 47.5 Million Social Views

2. Live Young (Evian) – 78.5 Million Social Views

1. Kony 2012 – 85 Million Social Views

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