31 Stocks Traders Would Love To See Collapse

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This bull market has been an absolute nightmare for traders shorting, or betting against, the market.

Still, the shorts are holding on to their positions in hopes of a pullback.

We screened the S&P 500 for the most heavily shorted stocks.

The list includes a lot of tech and electronics firms struggling to adapt out of outdated business models.

But some old standbys remain, including a large clothing retailer as well as a video game seller. And a major for-profit education company is seeing renewed doubts about its marquee product.

We ranked the stock by short interest as a percentage of floating shares.

Quest Diagnostics

Ticker: DGX

Sector: Health care

Short interest: 9.16%

Comment: Quest most recent quarterly sales were down -7.7% YOY.

Source: Bloomberg, Fool.com


Ticker: GCI

Sector: Newspapers

Short interest: 9.76%

Comment: Gannett remains heavily reliant on print ads.

Source: Bloomberg, Fool.com


Ticker: VRSN

Sector: Tech

Short interest: 9.78%

Comment: Verisign is fighting ICANN, the international web custodian, over new rules.

Source: Bloomberg, Domain Name Wire


Ticker: CMG

Sector: Retail

Short interest: 9.81%

Comment: Chipotle is launching an Asian cuisine themed spinoff called Shophouse.

Source: Bloomberg, Slate


Ticker: GRMN

Sector: Tech

Short interest: 9.91%

Comment: Garmin just released a tablet-sized device.

Source: Bloomberg, LATimes.com


Ticker: AKAM

Sector: Tech

Short interest: 10.23%

Comment: Akamai is threatened by Amazon's new cloud services, according to Morgan Stanley.

Source: Bloomberg, InformationWeek

Diamond Offshore Drilling

Ticker: DO

Sector: Energy

Short interest: 10.34%

Comment: Diamond's Q1 revenue was down -5.1% YOY.

Source: Bloomberg, TickerReport


Ticker: CVC

Sector: Communications

Short interest: 10.48%

Comment: Cablevision is under pressure from New York City's comptroller to replace its board.

Source: Bloomberg, Deadline.com


Ticker: MCHP

Sector: Communications

Short interest: 10.83%

Comment: Microchip's most recent GAAP EPS of $0.28 were 28% lower than the prior-year quarter's $0.39 per share.

Source: Bloomberg, DailyFinance


Ticker: CHK

Sector: Energy

Short interest: 11.02%

Comment: Chesapeake's new CEO won't by himself be enough to fix the company's debt problems, according to Phil Weiss.

Source: Bloomberg, New York Times


Ticker: SPLS

Sector: Retail

Short interest: 11.27%

Comment: Staples recently faced questions about why it wasn't interested in buying OfficeMax or Office Depot stores that are for sale.

Source: Bloomberg, Seeking Alpha


Ticker: TRIP

Sector: Retail

Short interest: 11.46%

Comment: TripAdvisor was just busted for having a hotel exec anonymously post reviews on its site.

Source: Bloomberg, Gadling.com

DR Horton

Ticker: DHI

Sector: Homebuilding

Short interest: 11.53%

Comment: D.R. Horton is under pressure as mortgage applications decline.

Source: Bloomberg, Investors.com


Ticker: MOLX

Sector: Tech

Short interest: 11.84%

Comment: Molex faces exposure to older consumer electronics and personal computing models.

Source: Bloomberg, Zacks


Ticker: TER

Sector: Tech

Short interest: 11.93%

Comment: Teradyne recent quarterly revenue of $248 million was down -46% from the prior quarter and -16% from a year ago.

Source: Bloomberg, BizJournals


Ticker: WIN

Sector: Tech

Short interest: 12.38%

Comment: Windstream's broadband subscriber base is shrinking.

Source: Bloomberg, Fool.com

Advanced Micro Devices

Ticker: AMD

Sector: Tech

Short interest: 15.24%

Comment: AMD faces pressure from the shrinking PC industry.

Source: Bloomberg, Fool.com


Ticker: ICE

Sector: Finance

Short interest: 15.40%

Comment: ICE could be impacted by new derivatives rules.

Source: Bloomberg, Reuters


Ticker: HAS

Sector: Retail

Short interest: 16.62%

Comment: Hasbro is suing Warner Brothers to stop a Dungeons and Dragons movie.

Source: Bloomberg, Hollywood Reporter


Ticker: NFLX

Sector: Tech

Short interest: 17.71%

Comment: Netflix could face new competition from Amazon and Hulu after the latter company got bought by Yahoo.

Source: Bloomberg, Benziga


Ticker: LEN

Sector: Homebuilding

Short interest: 18.51%

Comment: Like D.R. Horton, Lennar could see activity slow as mortgages decline.

Source: Bloomberg, Investors.com

Dun & Bradstreet

Ticker: DNB

Sector: Research

Short interest: 19.32%

Comment: D&B's Chair and CEO is retiring.

Source: Bloomberg


Ticker: SWY

Sector: Retail

Short interest: 20.43%

Comment: Safeway remains high on debt and low on cash.

Source: InsiderMonkey

Apollo Group

Ticker: APOL

Sector: Education

Short interest: 20.85%

Comment: Apollo Group's University of Phoenix has been put on notice that its accreditation is under review.

Source: InsiderMonkey, BizJournals

Frontier Communications

Ticker: FTR

Sector: Tech

Short interest: 23.91%

Comment: Frontier revenues were down -4.9% YOY in the most recent quarter.

Source: InsiderMonkey, SeekingAlpha

JC Penney

Ticker: JCP

Sector: Retail

Short interest: 26.96%

Comment: JCP stock was recently called a potential falling knife after earnigns missed estimates.

Source: InsiderMonkey, Fool.com

Cliffs Natural Resources

Ticker: CLF

Sector: Industrial

Short interest: 27.16%

Comment: Cliffs continues to suffer from poor profit margins.

Source: InsiderMonkey, The Street

US Steel

Ticker: X

Sector: Industrial

Short interest: 28.83%

Comment: U.S. Steel has more downside exposure, according to Goldman Sachs, after the bank lowered steel prices.

Source: InsiderMonkey, The Fly On The Wall

Pitney Bowes

Ticker: PBI

Sector: Business supplies

Short interest: 28.96%

Comment: Pitney Bowes just sold its British and Irish divisions.

Source: InsiderMonkey, Marketwatch


Ticker: GME

Sector: Retail

Short interest: 29.75%

Comment: GameStop recent quarterly global sales fell 6.8% compared with last year.

Source: InsiderMonkey, Marketwatch

First Solar

Ticker: FSLR

Sector: Energy

Short interest: 30.08%

Comment: First Solar's backlog of projects has recently begun tapering off.

Source: InsiderMonkey, DailyFinance

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