Steve Jobs Did Acid 10-15 Times And Smoked Pot Every Week For 5 Years

Steve Jobs TV interview

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Steve Jobs was fond of saying everyone should do acid at least once, but apparently the late Apple co-founder did it much more frequently than that.Jobs did LSD 10-15 times between 1972 to 1974, when he claimed to have stopped using it for good, according to a questionnaire he filled out in the 1988 for security clearance from the government, which was released to Wired through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The Department of defence document offers up several new details about Jobs’ life, including:

  • Jobs was briefly arrested in 1975 for an unpaid speeding ticket. Apparently police were investigating whether Jobs (who wasn’t 21 yet) was in possession of alcohol. Instead, the found an outstanding warrant over the parking ticket. He was let go after he paid the $50 fine.
  • He smoked marijuana once or twice a week between 1973 to 1977, and says he smoked hashish about five times in total. 
  • Jobs worried that Lisa, the daughter he had out of wedlock, might be kidnapped and ransomed for money given his wealth.

  • Jobs said he had experienced depression at various points in his life and attended a two-month long therapy course at the Oregon Feeling centre to help students understand their feelings. This was apparently the closest he ever came to getting counseling.

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