13 Of The Most Ridiculous Things People Have Ever Seen Their Coworkers Do

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We’ve all worked with people we thought were a little strange. Maybe you’ve worked with someone who had no common sense, ate weird stuff for lunch every day, or constantly said inappropriate things.

If you’ve ever dealt with any of these scenarios, you’re not alone. On the popular “Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit, readers share the most ridiculous coworker stories they’ve encountered. 

We’ve selected some of the best stories, edited only for clarity.

A cleaning lady started describing how her baby niece was killed by two dogs

There is this cleaning lady at my work who always stops me to talk about the most random things and I dread it every time because I'm not an arsehole who just walks away from a person talking to me.

While at work one day, she doesn't stop me to talk -- she just walks by me with a pale face and says 'There was blood everywhere.'

I stop and I ask her if she is alright. She stares at me as if she isn't really looking at me and says 'There was blood everywhere.' I ask her 'Where was there blood everywhere?' She tells me that while her brother-in-law was sleeping, his two Siberian huskies went into her 9-month-old niece's room and killed her by decapitating her.

She then said 'I didn't know babies had so much blood.' I proceeded to walk away and I never talked to her again.

Stories are from Reddit.

A coworker sat in a bathroom stall and said 'creepy stuff and swore under her breath'

I once had to sit near a co-worker and I would hear her say 'Shit fuck shit fuck fuck fuck Christ' in her cubicle all the time.

This would go on for 45 minutes behind me.

The women of the building called her 'The Bathroom Whisperer,' because she used to sit in the stall and say creepy stuff and swear under her breath.

Stories are from Reddit.

After getting fired, a coworker went home, put on a Godzilla costume and came back to destroy a full-scale model at work

Some background:

My co-worker Mark has a Godzilla costume. Our office is on the same floor as the development company responsible for managing the retail campus we're on.

They have a room in it with all their various awards and a full scale model of the entire campus on a giant table in the middle.

The story:

Mark got fired under less than pleasant circumstances. He went home, got into his Godzilla costume, and came back to the office building and stomped THE SHIT out of that scale model. I mean LEVELED IT. Really did Godzilla proud that day.

Stories are from Reddit.

A coworker told everyone he went to prison for murder, but he was actually lying

One co-worker said he had been in prison for killing somebody when he was a gang member. True, he was in prison. False, for being a killer.

The truth is, I found out he had been imprisoned for raping a 15-year-old boy.

Stories are from Reddit.

A coworker at a pizza joint made 10 pizzas, took one with him and doesn't remember any of it

When I worked for Hungry Howie's, we had this guy who always came in stoned off his arse, or hammered beyond reasoning.

One day, he walks into work completely normal, makes 10 pepperoni pizzas, takes one slice out of each, forms a separate pizza, boxes it, and leaves with it.

We called him up about two hours later to find out he didn't remember any of it.

Stories are from Reddit.

An employee advocated cannibalism to others at work

A guy I work with was quoted as saying 'I think the most nutritious thing for a person to eat would be another human being.'

Stories are from Reddit.

A married boss said to a coworker: 'Have you ever considered being a mistress?'

Stories are from Reddit.

A coworker wrote notes to tell his parents he loved them when he thought people were breaking into the office

I used to work in the ticket office/shop of a golf course. Me and another guy were hired around the same time.

There were two shifts a day, which overlapped in the middle for about four hours. Outside of this time, you were on your own. The late shift finished up at 11:30 in the summer, and it would actually be dark at that time.

Now, it was a public golf course and was in a very sketchy area of the city. Didn't bother me much, as I'm from around there. My coworker however, was from a nice upper-class part of town.

So one night, he's cashing up, and it's pitch black. The electricity had been on the blink all day, and cut out while he was counting the money.

At the same time, a car pulls into the car park, and four guys with shotguns get out. Needless to say, my coworker locked all the doors and hid. He couldn't even call the police because the electricity was out. He just hid out for a while before running out to his car and getting away.

I came in the next morning to find the place hadn't been locked up or cleaned. There was a pile of cash on the counter and notes explaining that he thought he was gonna be killed, and if he didn't make it, to tell his parents he loved them.

As it turns out, the guys were just hunters. They were hired to come every few months and kill rabbits on the course. Our boss had never thought to alert us to this fact.

Stories are from Reddit.

A coworker denied spilling any water on his keyboard while water gushed from it

I worked in IT for a while, repairing computers for silly people in an office environment. A guy comes to me and says, 'I need you to take a look at my computer.' I check it out, and I determine the keyboard was non-functional.

I unplug it, pick it up, and half a liter of water pours out while I casually put it between my arm and my shirt. I look at him, and say, 'You didn't happen to spill any water on this thing did you?'

'Nope, damn thing's junk!'

Water running down my side, I say 'I've got another one out back.'

There is always a chance someone else spilled the water, but I doubt it.

Stories are from Reddit.

A coworker kept stealing food from the communal fridge

My favourite is when you catch them taking your lunch that has your name labelled on it several times, and then they try the stupid act.

Stories are from Reddit.

A coworker convinced her employers not to get Internet because she's allergic to electricity

My sister is a teacher at an elementary school. This school has no wireless internet. Not a big deal if you think about it, seeing as it is only an elementary school, until you hear why.

Another teacher that works there has claimed that she is allergic to electricity. This woman brought a note from a chiropractor to her place of employment and asked them to refrain from using electrical things around her...and that WiFi apparently makes her condition worse.

She asked my sister -- who taught two classrooms away from her -- to turn off her cell phone because her condition was acting up and she could tell it was coming from my sister's classroom.

Stories are from Reddit.

One coworker ate two dozen apples and drank eight bottles of Coke per day

A co-worker of mine ate 24 apples in one day because she was trying to be healthy. She also had a water dispenser on her desk that poured eight bottles of water per day, except she filled it up with coke.

Stories are from Reddit.

One coworker once said 'Hitler very bad' to some German customers

While working in a luxury jewelry shop, one of my co-workers was helping an older couple when she discovered that they were German. She looked surprised and said, 'From Germany? I loooooove your history.'

She then turns her thumbs upside down and said: 'Hitler very bad.'

The costumers smiled, turned around and walked away. My face was full of different colours.

Stories are from Reddit.

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