The Most Ridiculous, Disturbing And Amazing Movie Merchandise Of All Time

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When a big-budget film comes out, it has become common practice for studios (and those just looking to make a buck) to release all sorts of merchandise related to the movie.”Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” “Harry Potter” and more all have action figures, bed sheets and memorabilia from the movies that have fans lining up for miles.

But then there are products that seem to be too strange to be real. 

From Atari video games to horrific jewelry and so much more, we count down the good, the bad and the ugliest “based on the movie” products of the last 20 years. 

And there are some seriously ridiculous items. 

Price (on Amazon): $11.97 (or $9.99 on Kindle)

'The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook' by Emily Asnara Baines is a new movie product that highlights the many foods throughout the country of Panem in 'The Hunger Games' trilogy.

The book features breads from Peeta's father's bakery and many decadent recipes from the rich Capitol city.

It's fun fare from the books/film and somewhat fitting considering the franchise is called 'The Hunger Games.'

Eternal Image, a is a staple in the production of funeral arrangements for fans of pop-culture and sports. Everything from Major League Baseball to the band Kiss is featured on their website.

So why not make a set of caskets and urns in the model of Klingon, Star Fleet and the Federation of Planets from the 'Star Trek' series.

Because if you're going to die, you might as well be buried in the vein of Spock or Captain Kirk.

Price: $89

Created by Medieval Collectibles, these briefs seem to be fairly accurate to the film... but most likely not the actual time period.

No longer in stock.

In conjunction with the release of 'The Matrix: Reloaded,' Samsung sold the SPH-N270 mobile phone.

Perhaps it was because the phone was not marketed to mainstream mobile phone users or because of its clunky design but the SPH-N270 was not a big hit.

Price: $89

In an act of making money off of religion, The Boondock Store released a 'Boondock Saints'--style rosary just like the ones the saints wear as they murder people.

Price: $16.99 (necklace pictured)

Either the folks at are really religious or they really just want to make money.

The company created necklaces that depicted the nails used to crucify Jesus Christ in the Mel Gibson-directed drama.

Popsicles: $34.99

Ice Trays: $9.99

It makes sense that some of the best merchandise ideas for 'Star Wars' came in the form of icy treats.

Both the lightsaber popsicles and the brilliant Han Solo ice trays are hilarious and delicious. The trays even depict Han encased in Carbonite.

Price: $36 (10.6 oz), $16 (2.8 oz)

High-end candle company Tocca released a signature James Bond scent around the release of 'Dr. No.'

It sounded like a bad idea considering most men (especially ones who like 'James Bond' films) don't really buy a lot of candles. The candle's name: Leather Martini.

Now it really sounds like a bad idea.

Price: $19.53

What kind of movie merchandise could one sell for the disgusting horror flick 'The Human Centipede'?

Jewelry apparently.

This necklace looks exactly like the characters in the movie once they are attached... and we don't mean that in a good way.

No longer in stock.

When 'E.T' was released, Atari thought it would be a good idea to create a video game based on the film.

It was a complete and utter failure.

The game was received so poorly that the company had to bury copies of it in a New Mexico landfill and Atari lost millions on the game.

Bonus: Best and worst clothing from the movies

One of the most popular types of movie merchandise are the clothing and accessories seen in films.

The jacket of Project Mayhem in 'Fight Club' (the red jacket) and the 'Drive' jacket worn by Ryan Gosling are a bit indulgent but are still fun pieces of memorabilia.

'Sex and the City' thongs that are colour-coded for each character however, are frightening.

And heels based on 2010's 'Alice in the Wonderland' by Versace are gaudy and look extremely uncomfortable.

With a huge phenomenon like the 'Twilight' series, you're bound to run into some not-so-tasteful items.

But these products are downright disturbing.

Infinite Jewelry Co. released a genuine replica of Bella's engagement ring from 'Eclipse' that's worth over $2200.

And that's not even the worst of it.

Movie merchandise staple Etsy released all sorts of frightening items like 'Twilight' diapers, an Edward-shaped 'man pillow,' Twilight condoms and an Edward-shaped tampon case. Really.

And Hot Topic really outdid themselves with a tube of 'Glitter Lube.'

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