LAST CHANCE: Tell Us Who Are The Most Powerful Women In Mobile Advertising

Most powerful women in mobile advertisingBI / VariousAngela Steele and Anne Frisbie were on last year’s list.

Today is the deadline for nominations in our annual ranking of the most powerful women in mobile advertising. We recently ranked
the most powerful executives in mobile advertising, and the list turns out to be dominated by men.

So we want to know who the most important and influential female executives are in the industry. And, as usual, we want your input. Take a look at last year’s list. And then tell us who should be on the 2013 list.

The mobile advertising landscape has changed considerably since 2012, most recently with the Millennial Media-Jumptap merger.

Just as important, tell us who from last year should NOT make this year’s ranking.

Here are the rules. The rules are STRICTLY enforced to weed out PR puffery:

  • You can nominate executives in the ad agency business, from mobile app companies, from ad sales businesses, from networks and exchanges, and from device companies and wireless carriers — as long as mobile ads are the core of their job.
  • You MUST ALSO nominate TWO other executives from different or competing companies, to ensure that your nominations aren’t self-serving. Those last two nominations will be treated in confidence — no one will know who you named from other companies.
  • Then send a BRIEF email to [email protected] explaining why you believe the executive should be on the list. Consider their achievements, the size of the business they run, and consider how closely watched they are by executives at competing companies.
  • The ranking is weighted IN FAVOUR of executives at businesses that are mature enough to disclose hard dollar numbers, in terms of revenue, over percentages. We take actual dollars more seriously than mushy metrics like “reach.”
  • Self-serving nominations, and nominations that contain mushy, non-specific metrics will be weighted AGAINST the nominee.
  • Lastly, if you have a nice, big photo of the executive, please attach that to your email along with photo credit information and confirmation that we can publish it should the executive make the list.
  • DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: Sept. 6, 2013, at 12 noon Eastern time. (Yes, we’re giving you an hour or two more to account for great female mobile adtech execs whose nominations are coming from lazy or incompetent colleagues.)

We’ll combine all your nominations with our own research and contacts in the mobile ad industry, and when we feel our data is sufficiently complete, we’ll publish a ranking of the most powerful people in mobile advertising.

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