These are the 19 most lusted-after travel locations on Pinterest

Pinterest is filled with gorgeous pictures of fashion, home design, and weddings, but perhaps its best feature is that it lets you digitally lust after your dream vacation.

Recently, the website released a list of the 20 most Pinned places that its users have shared on the site, which would inspire anyone to travel the world.

From a picturesque seaside town in Italy to the spice-filled streets of Marrakech, Morocco, keep scrolling to see the 20 places that Pinterest users want to visit the most.

#19 New York City, USA

Pinterest Pinners are all about experiencing New York -- its food, attractions, and nightlife. There are lots of helpful Pins like what to do for a girls trip or the best things to see during every different season.

Click here to see all the New York City Pins on Pinterest.

#18 Reykjavik, Iceland


Reykjavik's Blue Lagoon is definitely a must-see, but the gorgeous city itself is also extremely Pin-able thanks to all the colourful homes, gorgeous surrounding scenery, and its modern Gothic Hallgrimskirkja church.

Click here to see all the Reykjavik, Iceland, Pins on Pinterest.

#16 Los Angeles, California, USA


Living in and visiting Los Angeles can be expensive, so many of the LA Pins have to do with the best cheap eats and how to afford travelling to the City of Angels. But from mapping where the stars hike to the best tacos in LA, Pinterest is filled with suggestions.

Click here to see all the Los Angeles, California, Pins on Pinterest.

#15 Somoto's Canyon, Nicaragua


More than one Pinterest Pinner has posted a picture of Somoto's Canyon in Nicaragua with the plea: 'Take me there.' The lush greenery and green-blue waters inspired some serious travel lust.

Click here to see all the Somoto's Canyon Pins on Pinterest.

#14 Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has it all: shopping, hiking, wildlife, and food. If you're wondering what to do, eat, and see while you visit Cape Town, Pinterest Pinners have rounded up the best tourism attractions in South Africa's capital.

Click here for all the Cape Town, South Africa, Pins on Pinterest.

#12 Kjeragbolten, Norway


The one attraction Pinners can't get enough of is the Kjeragbolten in Norway. The boulder is a glacial deposit wedged in between two tall cliffs. Brave hikers love to take a picture on the rock while gazing out at the stunning vista.

Click here to see all the Kjeragbolten, Norway, Pins on Pinterest.

#9 Glacier National Park, Montana, USA


The colourful stones in Glacier National Park are extremely picturesque and often Pinned on Pinterest. The park's crystal blue waters, sweeping vistas, and clear blue skies also make Pinners want to add this location to their Wanderlust boards.

Click here to see all the Glacier National Park Pins on Pinterest.

#8 Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia


In addition to the picturesque boats lining the harbour, Pinterest Pinners love to post images of the Griffiths Island Lighthouse in Port Fairy, Victoria, which is a staple destination when you're exploring Australia's coast.

Click here to see all the Port Fairy, Victoria, Pins on Pinterest.

#7 Kyoto, Japan


Kyoto, Japan, has the most amazing seasonal changes: pink cherry blossoms, lush green forests, and bright red autumn leaves. The Pins of Kyoto are just as nature-oriented as you'd expect as well as filled with beautiful shrines and amazing architecture.

Click here to see all the Kyoto, Japan, Pins on Pinterest.

#4 Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA


Another much-beloved waterfall is Havasu Falls in Arizona's Grand Canyon. The bright blue waters against the red rocks and flowing white waterfall is quite the site after a long hike through the canyon.

Click here to see all the Havasu Falls Pins on Pinterest.

#3 Hanoi, Vietnam


Hanoi, Vietnam, has the architecture, nature, and open markets that Pinterest travellers dream about. Everything from its street food to its architecture is unique and Pin-able.

Click here to see all the Hanoi, Vietnam, Pins on Pinterest.

#2 Musha Cay Island, Bahamas

Musha Cay

A long stretch of white beach in the middle of the ocean -- what could be better? Musha Cay in the Bahamas is the type of island people fantasize about with a luxury resort, clear blue water, and unbelievable sunsets.

Click here to see all the Musha Cay, Bahamas, Pins on Pinterest.

#1 Positano, Campania, Italy

The ultimate Pinterest dream getaway is the gorgeous mountainside town Positano in Italy. It is without a doubt one of the most photogenic towns in the world with colourful sun-bleached homes, winding streets, and ocean views.

Click here to see all the Positano, Italy, Pins on Pinterest.

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