The Most Popular Place In The World To Take A Photo With Instagram


Photo: Instagram/Bhumaret

Instagram just posted a list of the 10 most popular places around the world its users are posting photos from.We’ve assembled them into a slideshow here. The funny thing about the list is that it reveals how young Instagram still is.

Despite having been bought for $1 billion, the service just broke into the mainstream about mid-way through the year, which means some of the most popular places to take photos aren’t places you would necessarily think of. (We’re looking at you, Dodger Stadium.)

#10: Santa Monica Pier

#9: The Staples centre in Los Angeles (where the Lakers and Clippers play)

#8: Eiffel Tower

#7: Dodger Stadium

#6: Los Angeles Airport

#5: AT&T Park, which is where the San Francisco Giants play

#4 Times Square

#3: Disneyland

#2: Siam Paragon, a mall in Bangkok, Thailand

#1: Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok's airport

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