The Most Popular People To Work With In New York City

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Earlier this week, we showed you who the most popular employees in Silicon Valley were at top companies like Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft according to Cubeduel.

Cubeduel is a site that connects to your LinkedIn account and then pits two of your colleagues (both former and current) against each other.  You anonymously choose who you’d rather work with by clicking on their picture. 

Today we scoured Cubeduel for the top employees in New York City. 

15. Brian Adams, AdMeld

14. Diana Fallone,

13. Jessy Gold,

12. Jason Merriman, Business Insider

11. Patrick Delfert, Conductor

10. Aurea de Souza, Digitas

9. Tom Kelly,

8. David Sklar, Ning

7. Brendan Pomeroy,

6. Ian Spalter, R/GA

5. Lori Little, Conductor

4. Scott Schneider, Ruder Finn

3. Eric Schrock, Google

2. Eugene Goland, DataArt

1. Joo Yeon Yoo, Ruder Finn

How do employees on the other coast rank? Check out:

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