The Most Popular Names For Wealthy European Men

If Kate Middleton and Prince William still need inspiration for the name of their new baby, they may want to look at this new list of the most popular names among Europe’s wealthiest men.

According to wealth intelligence firm Wealth-X, Peter is the most popular name among Europe’s ultra-high net worth males, defined as those with $30 million or more in assets. Michael and David are also popular monikers among Europe’s super rich.

None of those names are doing particularly well on Irish betting site Paddy Power, where people can bet on royal baby names. Peter is currently at 100/1; Michael is at 40/1 and David has 25/1 odds.

George is the top contender among bettors, with 2/1 odds, and James is at 4/1.

Here are the most common names among Europe’s ultra-wealthy men, according to WealthX:

Screen Shot 2013 07 23 at 4.37.13 PM

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