The Most Popular Employees In Silicon Valley

cubeduel shot

Remember Mark Zuckerberg’s Face Mash from The Social Network?  It has officially come to the office place. 

Cubeduel, a site founded by Adam Doppelt, former co-founder of Urbanspoon, and Tony Wright, connects to your LinkedIn account and then pits two of your colleagues (both former and current) against each other.  You anonymously choose who you’d rather work with by clicking on their picture. 

If you complete 20 duels, you can see how you rank against your coworkers.  If you complete 100 duels, you can see how everyone in your company stacks up against each other.

We investigated the top ranked employees in the San Francisco Bay area at companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google (current Facebook and Apple employees didn’t seem to make the cut). 

21. Andrew Paier - IBM

20. Andrei Gheorghe - Adobe

19. Dave DeMaagd - Yahoo!

18. David Delo - LinkedIn

17. Chris Westin - Yahoo!

16. Shreyans Mehta - Symantec

15. Nat Brown - Rel8tion (and formerly of Myspace)

14. Linda Berral - LinkedIn

13. Alan Steele -

12. Dan Heller -

11. Pavel Anni - Oracle

10. Zack Parker - Yammer

9. Reid Hoffman - Greylock

8. Arthur van Hoff - Flipboard

7. Daniel Muino - Netflix

6. Mioi Hanaoka - Yahoo!

5. Kris Gale - Yammer

4. Kelly Koskelin - Yahoo!

3. Bruno Connelly - LinkedIn

2. Susan Shimamura -

1. Chris Uzelac - Google

Who else is popular? Check out:

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