The 50 Most Popular Brands On Instagram

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The Most Popular Brands On Instagram Right Now

Nike is the most popular brand on Instagram (measured by number of account followers and posts on Nike-linked hashtags). Starbucks, Forever 21, and Adidas follow in popularity, according to the Nitrogram 50 ranking. The biggest gainers in number of followers over the past month were all car companies: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. Click through to see the whole list. Read >Snapchat Users Sharing 200 Million Photos Every Day (Snapchat)
The popular photo sharing app, Snapchat, announced yesterday that it has raised $60 million in funding and that its users now share more than 200 million photos every day. Read >

Social Media Captures One-Third Of Display Ad Impressions In Germany

Social media captured 33% of 56 billion display ad impressions across the German Web in April 2013. Other top performing categories were auction sites (15%) and entertainment sites (12%). Read >Facebook Archive Tool Exposed Contact Info For 6 million Users (The Verge) 
Phone numbers and email addresses of 6 million Facebook users were compromised, according to a blog post on the company’s security blog. Developers and advertisers did not have access to the data leak, only other users. There is no word yet if any of the information was used maliciously. Read >

Journalists Are Ditching Personal Blogs For Twitter 

(Oriella PR Network)
A study of 553 journalists in 15 countries showed that journalists are giving up blogging and flocking to Twitter. The study also found that Twitter is more popular in English-speaking countries, while barely a third of journalists use the service in Germany. The chart right shows the kind of channels where journalists prefer to generate content. Read >AOL Launches RSS Reader (Mashable)
With Google Reader being phased out soon, AOL has decided to step up to the plate and offer its own news reader, which launched yesterday. AOL Reader, as it is called, even has the capability to import all of your Google Reader subscriptions, so you don’t miss a beat. Read >

Facebook Developing A News Service Called Reader (The Wall Street Journal)
The WSJ is reporting that Facebook has also been quietly developing an RSS-based news reader for more than a year. Information is scarce thus far on the service, referred to internally at Facebook as “Reader.” But the WSJ’s sources said early iterations resemble Flipboard, a magazine-like mobile app for smartphones and tablets that aggregates stories from multiple sources and lets users swipe to flip through the article. Facebook’s intent with reader seems to be to increase user engagement and boost ad-serving opportunities. Flipboard has 50 million users. Read >