The Most Outrageous Works We Saw At Art Basel Miami Beach

Art BAsel Miami

Photo: Business Insider/Aly Weisman

This year’s Art Basel Miami Beach brought the world’s best artists and galleries to the sunshine state for a five-day art fair showcasing established and upcoming talent.While the convention centre was home to large galleries such as Gagosian and White Cube, the surrounding satellite art fairs featured works from well-known and unknown artists alike.

No matter the level of fame, it seemed like each gallery booth had plenty of interesting art to offer.

From stickers to skulls to gold-plated statues, see the most outrageous artworks featured at this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach.

Welcome to Art Basel Miami Beach 2012.

Where all types of people come out to view the art.

Artist Sterling Ruby created this mouth-watering piece.

While these skulls were just creepy.

This Tip Toland sculpture is made of stoneware and covered in 22-carat gold leaf.

There was a crystal ball moose.

This Nelson Leiner piece is made entirely of stickers.

And these B.Wu rtz untitled painted cake pans were simply that.

We watched as one art fan accidentally knocked down this sculpture.

The gallery owner quickly retrieved this head from the ground.

Meanwhile, this rat remained standing.

While some scratched their heads at this piece.

And others licked their lips when looking at Peter Anton's sweet treats.

Kaari Upson created a wall of ... crutches.

This animal scene was studded with bullet shells.

Outside of satellite fair Art Miami, this baby showed off his large foot.

As this snowman sculpture struggled to stay alive under the hot Miami sun.

Camila Cañeque lay on the ground as performance art.

Inside, live models lay in lingerie.

These colourful skulls are made of blown glass.

This Peter Sarkisian piece combined video with real car parts.

As is this piece by the same artist.

We rooted for this little girl against who we imagined were her brothers.

And played with our reflection in the light-up pieces.

As Andréa Stanislav's bedazzled horses nuzzled each other.

From a far, this Cayce Zavaglia piece looks like a painting ...

But it's actually hand embroidered wool and acrylic on linen. This piece was selling for $18,000.

This large sculpture greeted guests in the Scope tent.

Once inside, they could keep warm by the virtual fire.

But it's all just a matter of opinion, anyway ...

You saw the art, now check out the party scene ...

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