The 12 most-ordered dishes on Deliveroo around the world

NETHERLANDS Braai Amsterdam Full Rack Ribs DeliverooA full rack of ribs is the most popular dish in one European country.

You may think food trends change drastically by culture, but if takeaway orders are anything to go by, our easy-eating habits are all very similar — and often not reflective of the home country’s cuisine.

We teamed up with online food delivery company Deliveroo to find out the most-ordered dishes in 12 of the website and app’s most popular cities around the world.

Here are the most popular takeaway orders on Deliveroo around the world, ranked by price, from cheapest to most splurge-worthy.

From falafel in Ireland to dim sum in Belgium, scroll down to see the surprising results.

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Italy: Daruma Roll from Daruma Sushi, Rome -- $8.50


Ireland: Palestinian Falafel from Umi Falafel, Dublin -- $8.50


Germany: Bulgogi BBQ Classic from Mmaah, Berlin -- $9.15


Singapore: Chicken Asado from Muchachos -- $11.05


UK: Classic Burger from Tommi's Burger Joint, London -- $12.50


Spain: Club Sandwich from VIPS, Valencia -- $12.25

Photo: envips/Instagram

Belgium: Dim Sum Assortment from Lucy Chang, Antwerp -- $14


Hong Kong: Pho Ga from BEP Vietnamese Kitchen -- $15


Australia: Trippin Zeahorse from BondiTony's Other Burger Joint, Sydney -- $16.90


France: Bobun Special from Le Petit Cambodge, Paris -- $18.20

Photo: guedjr/Instagram

Netherlands: Full Rack of Ribs from Braai, Amsterdam -- $18.90


UAE: Pad Thai from Busaba Eathai, Dubai -- $20.80

Photo: busabaeathai/Instagram

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