The Most Liked Players In The NFL

Troy Polamalu

Photo: AP just released its annual “Most Liked NFL players” list.Collaborating with Nielsen, Forbes surveyed NFL fans to figure out which players they like and approve of the most.

So how do you become a likeable player? Be a quarterback, a “low-key pass catcher,” or a Green Bay Packer.

Troy Polamalu, that loveable Steelers safety with long flowing locks seemed to be everyone’s favourite this year.


#5 Aaron Rodgers—QB Green Bay Packers—58% appeal

#4 Peyton Manning—QB Denver Broncos—59% appeal

#3 Charles Woodson—Safety Green Bay Packers—62% appeal

#2 Drew Brees—QB New Orleans Saints—62% appeal

#1 Troy Polamalu—Safety Pittsburgh Steelers—63% appeal

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