The Most Interesting Cars Of 2013

Google has released its 2013 Zeitgeist, its annual breakdown of what people searched for online this year.

That included data for searches in the U.S. for new car models in two forms: most searched, and trending.

The first measures sheer volume of searches. Trending measures the increase in search volume from the previous period (2012).

Both categories provide insight into the cars Americans most want to know about — in other words, the most interesting cars on the road.

There are few surprises here. Most of the models here have big fan bases (like the Camaro and Corvette) or are perennial best-sellers (like the F-150, Civic, and Accord).

These were the new cars people searched for most in 2013:


And the top trending new models:

Here are the top trending car companies in 2013. It’s surprising no General Motors brands are on the list — the automaker has had an excellent year, which it topped off with an official end to the government bailout and the announcement that Mary Barra will become the industry’s first CEO next month.

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