The Most Inspiring Images From The 2012 Paralympics

2012 paralympics

Photo: Getty Images

After the 2012 Summer Olympics came to an end last month, the Paralympic games took centre stage in London.Athletes began competition on August 29 and it wraps up this weekend.

Photos from the event are incredibly inspiring. We’ve gathered just a few for you here.

Yohansson Nascimento of Brazil celebrates after winning silver in the men's 400m

Wildam Nukhailawi of Iraq competes in the shot put

Weizhong Guo of China participates in the high jump competition

Toshie Ol of Japan throws a discus

Spanish swimmer Richard Oribe celebrates after winning silver

American tennis duo gets emotional after winning gold

Brazil's 4x100m team hugs after the race

Men from around the world compete in the 800m

Lindsey Clegg, who is legally blind, of Great Britain runs the 200m with the help of her guide

Jiri Jezek of the Czech Republic celebrates after winning the men's individual C4 time trial

Great Britain plays Japan in the sitting volleyball tournament

Daniel Dias of Brazil swims the 50m backstroke

Alessandro Zanardi, a former F1 racer who lost his legs last year celebrates

American archer Matt Stutzman won the silver medal

Belgium and Australia compete in wheelchair rugby

Junquan He of China before the 50m butterfly

Juntingxian Jia participates in the long jump with the help of her guide

Let's relive the 2012 Summer Olympics

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