INFOGRAPHIC: The Most Influential People In Performance Marketing

The Performance Marketing industry has come under fire for a series of incidents that have tarred the industry.  An important industry that can make or break your company.  The community has a range of people from the slick evangelist to the online marketing champion.  Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish who is who. 

According to the Performance Marketing Industry, “In performance marketing, advertisers and marketers only pay for successful transactions. Each transaction is based on a consumer taking a defined action, such as making a purchase from the advertiser or signing up for a subscription. The trackability of performance marketing isn’t based on estimates. It’s based on actual results — meaning that a marketing program’s effectiveness is accurately determined, down to the mouse click.”

It’s an important, multibillion dollar industry where the best publishers and advertisers can improve their bottom lines significantly.  With that in mind, the Santa Barbara, California company Impact Radius researched and developed a list of influencers that not only cut through the noise, but deliver the best advice.  Advice that is influential and focuses people on the right actions.

The new infographic from Impact Radius , showing the top 25 online influencers in the Performance Marketing community, is an impressive array of individuals who sustain community through sharp insight and advice. While some companies try to influence a community of thought leaders, the best ones create or sustain a community of influencers.

Performance Marketing

Here is the list in infographic form:

1 Brian Clark @copyblogger 2 Shawn Collins @affiliatetip 3 Jeremy Schoemaker @shoemoney 4 John Chow @johnchow 5 Brett Tabke @btabke 6 Rae Hoffman-Dolan @sugarrae 7 Missy Ward @MissyWard 8 Peter Bordes @mediatrustpete 9 Pace Lattin @pacelattin 10 Lynn Terry @lynnterry 11 Matthew Wood @matthewwood 12 Geno Prussakov @ePrussakov 13 Andrew Girdwood @AndrewGirdwood 14 Greg Hoffman @akagorilla 15 Peter Hamilton @PeterHamilton 16 Murray Newlands @MurrayNewlands 17 Angel Djambazov @djambazov 18 Jonathan Volk @jonathanvolk 19 James Martell @JamesMartell 20 Ian Fernando @ianternet 21 Deborah Carney a.k.a. Loxly @loxly 22 Tricia Meyer @sunshinetricia 23 Jay Berkowitz @JayBerkowitz 24 Zac Johnson @moneyreign 25 Kirsty McCubbin @AffiliateStuffRead more posts on Seek Omega »

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