The most in demand freelance jobs in Australia

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  •’s Fast 50 Report charts the quarterly movement of the fastest growing, and declining, job type categories.
  • Copy Typing jobs came in at number one with more than 27% growth over the three months to September.
  • But web development gigs are still dominant.

Web development was one of the dominant growth areas of the online labour market in the third quarter of 2018, according to ​’s latest Fast 50 Report. 

And social media-related jobs and creative skills saw a sharp rise in demand. 

The report charts the movement of the fastest growing, and shrinking, job types within’s online marketplace which includes more than 30 million people across 247 countries, regions and territories.  

Analysis of nearly 500,000 jobs posted on in the three months to the end of September 2018 shows highest-growth categories involve web development, digital creative skills, and social media. 

Jobs involving website development and internet applications were among the big demand categories.

​ASP​ (active server pages), the server side script engine often used for web pages, took third place in terms of growth over the three months. 

There were 2,138 ​ASP​ jobs posted in the third quarter, a quarter-by-quarter increase of 21.75%. 

React.js​, the open-source JavaScript library used to develop user interfaces for mobile applications or single page applications (SPAs) on the web, ranked second in terms of growth. These jobs grew 25.73% to 2121 over the quarter.

Jobs featuring fellow JavaScript-based web application framework ​Angular.js​, which assists with the creation of single-page web applications, grew by 7.78% to 475.

Projects featuring ​Adobe Flash​, used to create web applications along with animations for web pages and online multimedia content, grew 19.54% to 1,890.

Social media-related jobs also grew substantially.

Social Networking​, a broad job category that could involve a number of skills, ranked as the seventh highest growing job category during the quarter. ​These jobs grew by 16.90% to 2,283. 

Facebook Marketing​ came in just under ​Social Networking​ as the eighth fastest growing category, up 15.05% to 6,733 ​jobs.

Here are the top 25 fast growing jobs on

And the bottom 25, showing negative growth:

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