The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

ITV drama ‘Victoria.’ ITV

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Mars won £1 million ($1.3 million) of free advertising from Channel 4 for its Paralympics campaign. Mars and creative agency AMV BBDO’s Maltesers campaign features four disabled actors.

2. Mobile apps are now bigger than the web. According to new data from ComScore, more than half of all time Americans spend online is spent in apps — up from around 41% two years ago.

3. It looks like the iPhone 7 is going to be waterproof. Ming-Chi Kuo, an extremely reliable analyst from KGI Securities, predicts that improved waterproofing will be a feature of the new phone.

4. Meal delivery startup Deliveroo has had a colourful rebrand. Deliveroo now contrasts with the greys and blacks favoured by competing service UberEATS.

5. Facebook’s key to conquering the world: Beating the ad blockers. A long read from Ad Age on Facebook’s battle with ad blockers like Adblock Plus.

6. HSBC is letting customers verify their bank accounts like Airbnb does with selfies. HSBC said business customers will now have the option on their mobile banking app to complete an ID security check by just taking a headshot.

7. Four things marketers should know about virtual reality. Digiday reports that the novelty of the technology is fading, but it is getting cheaper.

8. Carling wants to rival Amazon Dash as it launches a “world first” beer button. The beer company has designed a button that will automatically add Carling to your online shopping order, according to Marketing Week.

9. ITV drama “Victoria” narrowly beat BBC rival “Poldark” in the ratings. The hotly contested battle of the period dramas ended up with “Victoria” coming out on top with 5.2 million viewers, The Guardian reports.

10. Sony is making a move into mobile gaming following the success of Pokémon Go. “[Mobile gaming] is something we are aggressively getting into,” Sony chief executive Kaz Hirai told The Financial Times.

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