The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Coca cola santaCoca-ColaCoca-Cola was responsible for the image of Santa we all know today.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Google is aping two features advertisers love about Facebook. It has announced Custom Match, similar to Facebook’s Custom Audiences, and launched Universal App campaigns in a bid to take on Facebook in the app install ad space.

2. Facebook has confirmed it is allowing advertisers to buy video on the platform in the same way they have been buying TV since the 1950s. Facebook has launched TRPs (Target Rating Points,) which mimic Gross Rating Points.

3. Lululemon is extremely popular. And that could spell terrible news for the brand.

4. Check out these 15 mind-blowing facts about Coca-Cola. Coke used to be marketed as a nerve tonic that eased exhaustion, and there are just two countries in the world that don’t sell it.

5. Ironically, Adblock Plus has been running its own ads. The popular ad blocking Chrome extension sent out pop-up notifications to its users last week, encouraging them to download its smartphone browser.

6. The Rubicon Project has patented a clever idea that might just get more people to click on ads. The ad tech company is proposing a system that would see certificates displayed alongside ads that would indicate the advertiser’s trustworthiness.

7. Companies are spending a staggering amount of money to sell sugar to Americans. Kellogg’s spent $US32 million last year on advertising Pop Tarts alone.

8. Here’s how an entrepreneur turned his pet food startup into a viral website with more than a million visitors a day. Little Things’ Facebook page is approaching 7 million fans, and its website draws between 35 million and 45 million monthly unique visitors.

9. A Swedish tech company had four topless women dance in Times Square to promote its new calling plan. The Swedish Women’s lobby called the marketing stunt sexist and Buzzfeed featured it as “Today’s Dose of WTF?”

10. Here are 14 words you only understand if you work at Google. From “perf” to “GUTS.”

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