The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

The LimitedThe Limited/YARDThe Limited’s latest campaign.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. A major women’s clothing brand stopped using models. The Limited’s latest campaign features sixty women in leadership roles including motivational speaker, life coach, and author Gabrielle Bernstein.

2. Apple wants us to know that everything has changed with its first iPhone 6S ad. It mainly focuses on the introduction of 3D touch to the iPhone’s screen, which lets users “peak into stuff” like messages, emails, Instagram photos, songs, and news articles.

3. The Washington Post is blocking people with ad blockers from reading its articles. Google Chrome appears to bypass the block, while Safari was denied access every time.

4. Millennial Media was forced to sell to AOL after all its top managers left, sources tell Business Insider. The company’s founding team essentially disappeared after its IPO.

5. A single word can boost the performance of a brand’s email campaign. Using “choose” or “choice” in the subject line generated 22% more revenue per email, The Wall Street Journal reports.

6. Liquor brand Jim Beam is running Snapchat ads to launch a new Apple-flavored bourbon, Adweek reports. Here’s why.

7. Here’s how marketers condition us to buy more junk food.Fast food ads on social networking sites can manipulate young audiences.

8. Cadillac airlifted a vehicle over Manhattan in a huge launch stunt, AdAge reports. It was part of a marketing stunt introducing Cadillac’s new XT5 luxury crossover.

9. Lululemon’s share price tanked in early trading yesterday after the company reported its second-quarter results. While they were solid overall, gross margins fell to 46.8% from 50.5% a year ago.

10. The Pope now has his own set of emojis, Adweek reports. Just in time for a US visit on September 22.

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