The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Yahoo’s CRO explains how she juggles being a parent with a high-profile job. “I make such a concerted effort, when I’m home and I’m with her until she falls asleep,” says Lisa Utzschneider.

2. Teens are watching YouTube more often than cable TV for the first time. Piper Jaffray released its semi-annual survey of 10,000 teens, and it showed YouTube inching over cable in daily use.

3. How Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter count a video view. Pressboard slideshow detailing how the numbers stack up.

4. Ad tech company AppNexus is restructuring and cutting 150 jobs as it gears up for its IPO. The New York-based company will bring its headcount down from 1,125 to around 975.

5. Google’s nit-picky interview process is a huge turnoff for some experienced coders. Some programmers believe the company has designed its tough recruitment process to heavily favour those fresh from school with less real-world experience.

6. The folks who make “Grand Theft Auto” are teasing a big new game. We’re betting the announcement is a (long-awaited) sequel to “Red Dead Redemption.”

7. This finance major wanted to get rich so he went into sales — and became a Salesforce legend. Dave Rudnitsky made the jump to sales and carved out an incredible 30-year career, helping grow some of the most groundbreaking tech companies.

8. Amazon lifts the lid on its secret delivery drone lab in Cambridge. The internet retail giant invited local newspaper The Cambridge News inside the research and development (R&D) centre.

9. Tinder culture has taken over — and now it’s killing retail. The dating app encourages browsing over emotional investment.

10. Why the Brits are about to take over Netflix. The US online video service has 30 original projects at various stages of development in the UK.

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