The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

MacBook Pro Apple adYouTubeApple has released a new ad, ‘Bulbs,’ for its MacBook Pro.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. AOL announced a sizeable round of layoffs on Thursday. Five per cent its workforce, or 500 employees, will reportedly be affected. Read the full memo sent to staff here.

2. Apple released an ad for its latest Macbook Pro, it’s about humanity’s greatest inventions. The clip, “Bulbs,” runs through major inventions while the William Tell Overture plays and a line of light bulbs symbolizing ideas explode over a cityscape.

3. Goldman Sachs just ran its first series of ads for Marcus, the firm’s first consumer lending platform. While the investment bank has done brand-focused advertising in the past, this is its first foray into consumer product advertising.

4. Robert Scoble, infamous for a 2013 photo of himself wearing Google Glass in the shower, has pulled the same pose again with the release of Snap’s Spectacles. When Snapchat unveiled its new Spectacles camera glasses this month, the company went out of its way to avoid the Google Glass image problem.

5. Coca-Cola has launched a customer-built “selfie bottle” to win over social media users, The Drum reports. The bottle takes a snap while you drink from it.

6. Chinese smartphones are catching up to Apple and Samsung. This chart from Statista shows a handful of Chinese companies are starting to gain significant ground.

7. This drone video shows just how long the queue is to buy Spectacles at Snapchat’s Snapbot vending machines. The glasses showed up in Santa Monica on Thursday morning and the line to buy them quickly grew incredibly long.

8. One of the original kings of fake news thinks he might have helped get Donald Trump elected president, and he’s not happy about it. Paul Horner, 38, who runs a network of viral fake-news sites (he calls them satire), has been making a living off the practice for years.

9. We ranked 11 fake news stories that went viral on Facebook by engagements. The US election has served as a breeding ground for fake news, which reportedly sometimes outperformed real news on Facebook.

10. Nike is opening a 55,000-square-foot store of the future in New York City, see it here. In an effort to strengthen its direct-to-consumer business, Nike is reimagining its retail experience.

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