The 10 Things You Need To Know In Advertising Today

Nike chris odowdBusiness InsiderNike’s latest winter TV ad, starring Chris O’Dowd.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Forrester is advising marketers not to use Facebook if they want to build social relationships with their customers. The latest brutal report from the research company (which often criticises Facebook) says the social platform’s declining organic reach means marketers should consider using smaller social networks or add social options to their websites.

2. Nike has launched an unusual winter TV ad that pokes fun at TV news. The ad, created by Wieden+Kennedy, stars Chris O’Dowd from “Girls,” soccer players Clint Dempsey and Brad Evans, distance runner Mary Cain, figure skater Gracie Gold, snowboarder Johnnie Paxson and NFL stars Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson.

3. Morgan Stanley has released a chart showing which public companies it expects to benefit most from millennials. Chipotle and Starbucks top the list.

4. Apple people and Android people even eat different foods. UK market research and polling company YouGov’s fun new profiler tool shows the unusual quirks that separate Apple and Android fans, including their favourite TV shows and most likely pets.

5. Starbucks’ CEO rejected Jerry Seinfeld’s offer to partner on its “comedians in cars getting coffee” sketch. Seinfeld revealed Howard Schultz turned down the pitch by saying “I don’t really see the connection.”

6. Ira Kalb from the USC’s Marshall School of Business has detailed why Abercrombie & Fitch isn’t “cool” any more. Kalb, an assistant professor of clinical marketing at the university, says the brand failed to listen to marketplace signals, lost its brand focus and received too much negative publicity — but also lists seven ways the fashion company could return to success again.

7. Advertising is set to fund New York City’s the world’s fastest municipal WiFi network, which will see the city replace its ageing pay phone boxes with internet hubs. The hubs, called “Links,” will also serve as digital displays for ads and are expected to generate more than $US500 million in revenue for the city over the next 12 years.

8. AdAge has begun publishing a rolling blog with updates on which brands are buying what during Super Bowl 2015. Expected advertisers include Anheuser-Busch Inbev, Doritos, Loctite, McDonald’s, Mercedes-Benz, Mophie, Skittles, Toyoya and

9. Uber has partnered with Spotify to allow users to DJ their rides. However, some drivers are concerned the new deal could affect their ratings if anything goes wrong technologically.

10. Rubicon Project announced in a press release it has paid $US30 million, mostly in stock, to acquire iSocked and Shiny Ad, two automated premium direct ad buying companies. Rubicon says the deals will help it offer digital ad sellers set prices for guaranteed audience impressions and for advertisers to discover and buy those guaranteed audience — similar to how TV is traded.

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