10 Things In Advertising You Need To Know Today

Manchester united wayne rooney tyler blackettREUTERS/Darren StaplesThe English Premier League is thrashing the NFL in terms of sponsorship deals.

Get your week off to a flying start by reading up on the 10 things in advertising you need to know this morning.

1. Here’s the first UK TV ad showing someone using an e-cigarette. The ad, for e-cig brand VIP, follows a rule change last month allowing the depiction of “vaping” on TV.

2. Facebook is stealing a huge chunk of YouTube’s video audience. Early stats for the John Lewis 2014 Christmas ad — the most anticipated UK annual advertising event — show Facebook stole 40% of the online audience for the video, which would have previously belonged entirely to YouTube.

3. Check out the 33 quintessentially “British” brands that are not actually British. There are quite a few surprises in there, like Jaguar and Branston Pickle.

4. Google’s Eric Schmidt is the star of the latest ad for The Economist. The ad shows a businessman trying — and failing — to come up with a conversation starter when Schmidt enters the elevator he is standing in.

5. The NFL is getting trounced by the English Premier League in terms of global sponsorship deals. The Premier League may lag behind the top North American sports leagues in terms of total revenue, but it is outpacing its American counterpart on commercial revenue, according to data from Deloitte and IEG.

6. Variety has published a detailed feature on the decline of the cable TV market. The perilous situation cable networks are in was summed up by NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke last month who admitted: “The fact of the matter is, the next five or 10 years in basic-entertainment cable, as it relates to ratings, are going to be much more difficult than the last five to 10 years.”

7. Unilever is to advertise its corporate brand on TV for the first time, Marketing Week reports. The CPG company is looking to raise awareness of the sustainability work it is doing as part of its Project Sunlight initiative.

8. Machinima, the popular gaming-centric web video company, is rebranding, The Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today reports. The company is set to unveil a new logo and the tagline “Heroes Rise.”

9. Sapient, the digital marketing company being bought by Publicis Groupe for $US3.7 billion reported a 15% drop in third-quarter net income on Friday, Adweek reported. One analyst said the financials were “potentially alarming,” having come so soon after the acquisition announcement.

10. Bloomberg has explored the murky world of arbitrage in ad exchanges. The report details how anonymous traders are exploiting price discrepancies and reselling them on for profit, generating margins of as much of 60%.

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