The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

ZuckerbergGetty Images/Justin SullivanFacebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Facebook launched a new tool for advertisers called Advanced Measurement. It allows brands to compare the effectiveness of their campaigns on the social network to the performance of other platforms.

2. The British trade body IPA unveiled its list of advertising game changers from the past 100 years. There are 47 people on the list, of those all are white and only six are women.

3. Snap is facing two obstacles that are causing its stock to drop. It could be barred from listing on the big indexes since it’s only listing shares without voting rights and it hasn’t clarified how it can appeal to older audiences and grow.

4. Nike is now catering to Muslim women. It’s launching a sports version of the hijab early next year.

5. Evan Spiegel got an $US800 million bonus for taking Snap public. The 26-year-old CEO was given 37 million shares for taking the company public.

6. These are the 18 most popular YouTube stars. PewDiePie comes out at number one with an estimated salary of $US15 million in 2016.

7. This app measures how many times women are interrupted by men. The app, created by BETC Sao Paulo for International Women’s Day, runs in the background and gives users the number of interruptions in a conversation.

8. McCann placed a statue of “The fearless girl” in front of the bull on Wall Street. According to Ad Week, it’s part of a campaign for State Street Global Advisors meant to symbolise the power of women in leadership.

9. Yves Saint Laurent is facing backlash for a “misogynist” campaign released during Paris Fashion Week. As Ad Age reports, the French advertising watchdog received over 120 complaints about the campaign.

10. Facebook’s VP of HR explained how to impress him in a job interview. Tudor Havriliuc said he wants candidates to ask him what he would consider success in the job.

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