The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Instagram CEO Kevin SystromVivien Killilea / Getty ImagesCEO cofounder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Brand safe ads are more expensive than standard YouTube video ads. A chart from Enders Analysis showing the illustration of cost and brand safety by online video type shows direct-sold broadcaster video ads are the most likely to be brand safe — but come at the highest cost.

2. Instagram announced it has reached the 1 million advertisers per month landmark. The number of monthly advertisers has grown from 200,000 a year ago.

3. The YouTube ad boycott will have little financial impact on Google, according to notes from RBC Capital Markets and Morgan Stanley. The revenue from display advertising and ads on the video platform make up only 10% of the company’s net revenues — and not every advertiser is pulling their spend.

4. Google wants to use Assistant as a way to connect all devices. An engineer for the company revealed Google is experimenting with using voice commands on one device to take actions on another.

5. More US brands suspended their advertising with Google. General Motors and FX Networks have joined the growing list of companies halting their spend.

6. Mattel and ABC are creating a TV show to find its next big toy. The show, to be titled “Toy Box,” will be in the style of “Shark Tank,” according to Adweek.

7. The “Fearless Girl” statue will stay on Wall Street until 2018. The extension until February 2018 was announced by New York City’s mayor Bill de Blasio, the NY Daily News reported.

8. YouTube’s own ads are running alongside offensive content. Commercials for the video platform’s premium service Red were found running before objectionable content, Adweek reported.

9. Walmart has made move into promotions around sports. The retailer partnered with the promoter of sports entertainment facilities Oak View Group to become the big box retailer of 21 retailers around the US, The Drum reported.

10. GroupM ended a legal dispute with the compliance arm of Ebiquity, Firm Decisions. A trial, over the alleged “misuse” of confidential documents, was scheduled to go ahead later this year, Campaign reported.

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