The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Kevin spacey house of cardsNetflixMore than 100 brands appear in the latest season of ‘House of Cards.’

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know before you head into your first meeting.

1. Here are all the brands that appear in the third season of “House of Cards.” There’s a lot of product placement.

2. Meet the real Don Draper. 101-year-old illustrator Mac Conner tells The Telegraph’s Hermione Hoby about life as one of the original Mad Men on Madison Avenue

3. A Starbucks executive has described how his life became a nightmare after it announced its #RaceTogether campaign. Corey duBrowa, the senior vice president of communications at Starbucks, said he felt personally attacked in a “cascade of negativity.” The campaign has now ended.

4. Google Fibre is working on a game-changing way to measure TV audiences. Fibre’s tracking system would be much more similar to how ads are measured online. The system will also allow advertisers to dynamically insert their ads onto a viewers’ device

5. The Guardian announced its first female editor in chief on Friday. Katharine Viner replaces Alan Rusbridger.

6. We asked a bunch of European TV executives what they thought about the impending arrival of the rumoured new Apple TV subscription streaming service. Overall, they were pretty excited.

7. Apple and Google use a very important marketing tactic Microsoft wants to steal. Apple and Google are doing a better job of connecting their respective products, with usage of one more naturally leading to usage of another.

8. Uber is to hire dozens of spinners in Europe to fight PR disasters. It is understood the San Francisco-based company aims to hire as many as 70 spinners across the continent, to be controlled from an expanding European hub in Amsterdam.

9. Google is expected to face antitrust charges in Europe next month. Antitrust officials at the European Commission are expected to “file formal charges” against the search giant soon, reports the Wall Street Journal.

10. These are the top 50 apps for creative minds. From music players, to art, and video suites.

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