The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Don Draper, Mad Men, Season 7, Episode 4Justina Mintz/AMCThe final season of ‘Mad Men’ is almost upon us.

Good morning. Kick off your week by catching up with all the latest advertising stories.

1. Sir Martin Sorrell will receive a £36 million ($US53 million) bonus this year, on top of his salary. The WPP CEO’s share awards are 60% higher this year than last.

2. Every major production studio passed on ‘Mad Men’ at first. Here’s the epic story of how it finally got on air.

3. Facebook has bought a startup that can find every product for sale online. The social network acquired shopping search engine The Find.

4. Ello, the social network famed for its no advertising policy, was a no-show at its own SXSW panel. Paul Budnitz, founder of Ello, said there had been a mix-up and that he had actually cancelled his appearance months ago.

5. TFI Fridays parodied a viral video of a woman getting catcalled to advertise a new appetizer promotion. People were outraged.

6. Emily White, the COO of Snapchat, is leaving the company. It is not clear whether she has a job to go to.

7. Tinder users at SXSW are falling in love with a fake female profile. “Ava” is a promotional profile for movie “Ex Machina.”

8. YouTube is making a push for branded content with a new video series, according to The Wall Street Journal. The company is debuting a “Behind the Scenes” series that profiles the production and execution of Clean & Clear’s “See the Real Me” campaign that launched on YouTube last year.

9. Now you can see your Facebook photos in Don Draper’s famous carousel pitch from “Mad Men.” It’s a promotion from AMC for the forthcoming (and final) season.

10. Adidas is building NFC into its footwear, apparel, and sporting equipment, The Drum reports. The sportswear maker wants to find out more about who is buying its products.

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