The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Tim Cook Apple CEO

Good morning! Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Apple is set to roll out a new policy with its iOS9 update that restricts advertisers from obtaining app-download data. This might make it more difficult for advertisers to target consumers based on the apps they have stored on their iPhone

2. Circa News, the mobile app that was supposed to change the way we read news, has shut down after running out of money. Circa CEO and co-founder Matt Galligan announced on Wednesday that his app and website have been put on “indefinite hiatus” due to a lack of funding.

3. A Google employee died in an accident at the Cannes Lions advertising festival earlier this week. The company emailed this statement on Wednesday: “We lost a loved and respected member of our team. We are deeply saddened and our thoughts are with his family and friends.”

4. Facebook just made a big move to get more people to sign up for its Messenger app.It is no longer requiring people to have a Facebook account to join.

5. YouTube isn’t worried abo out Facebook’s video growth. Google’s VP of global agency sales and services Torrence Boone told Business Insider the company is “very bullish”.

6. We asked Sir Martin Sorrel, The Daily Mail’s US chief, and Mondelez’s CMO if they are worried about the rise of ad blockers. Here’s what they had to say.

7. These are the video game trailers that really mattered at E3 2015. “The Last Guardian” easily stole the show, finally being “re-announced” after years of carefully worded statements from Sony’s PlayStation team on its whereabouts.

8. Marissa Mayer says that Yahoo still has the same focus as it did back in 1994. At the company’s annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday, the company’s CEO said Yahoo’s role was to organise the internet.

9. Jon Hamm has revealed how hard it was to get the Coke ad in the “Mad Men” finale. It took years to clear the idea with Coke, but no money changed hands to get it there.

10. You’re going to start seeing a lot more of Facebook’s Instant Articles in your news feed. Publications like The New York Times and The Atlantic are about to start publishing dozens of stories a day.

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