The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

SnapchatSnapchatSnapchat isn’t just for kids any more.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. These are the 13 biggest executive perks packages in advertising, ranked by extravagance. From private jet travel to generous expenses allowances.

2. A Chipotle executive making $4.3 million a year was arrested on charges of cocaine possession. Chipotle’s chief marketing and developing officer was one of 18 “repeat customers” charged last week with allegedly buying cocaine from a drug delivery service that operated out of Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

3. Parents are flocking to Snapchat. A new report from comScore says that 14% of Snapchat user in the US are over the age of 35, meanwhile Snapchat’s own stats say 17% of its users are over 35.

4. Facebook’s European chief says creative industries need a “seat at the top table” in Brexit talks. Nicola Mendelsohn said creative industries need to be easily able to hire the best talent from around the world to help drive their growth.

5. WWE star John Cena features in the latest ad for “Love Has No Labels” by the Ad Council. “Remember that to love America is to love all Americans because love has no labels,” Cena says.

6. Apple Music has one big weakness in its fight against Spotify. New research from Cowen shows Apple Music’s churn rate is almost three times that of Spotify.

7. Chris Evans delivered fewer than half the episodes of “Top” Gear he signed up for when he quit. He was contracted to make between 12 and 14 episodes of the BBC2 motoring show in his first year, but made only six.

8. You’ll soon be able to stream Netflix directly on to Comcast’s new X1 voice-controlled cable boxes. Netflix’s stock popped more than 3% soon after the news came out.

9. More than half of marketers in a poll from research house Advertiser Perceptions say they plan to review their agency in the next year. The Wall Street Journal reports that trust is a big factor that has deteriorated over the years.

10. Hulk Hogan’s lawyers include Gawker founder Nick Denton of getting a pre-bankruptcy loan from Gawker and making misrepresentations to a Florida court. The latest Hogan court filing mentions a “very unusual” move Gawker made on the brink of bankruptcy.

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