The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Twitter canada toasterTwitterTwitter Q2 earnings came out last night.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Facebook has caved to advertisers and is finally letting them buy video the way they used to in the 1950s. The social network is testing letting advertisers buy video using Gross Rating Points (GRPs.)

2. Twitter stock fell off a cliff last night after the company set a gloomy outlook for user growth. Shares were down more than 12% after the earnings call ended, despite the company beating Wall Street’s Q2 financial targets.

3. All in all there were nine alarming quotes from Twitter’s earning that had Wall Street spooked. Twitter warned there has been no instant impact from new products, and that it is experiencing declining daily active users.

4. It doesn’t look like YouTube’s talent is going to migrate to Facebook. The social network needs to provide YouTube creators with more of a financial incentive, and its needs to offer a Content ID system for publishers so they can be reassured they won’t become victims of copyright infringement.

5. Yelp’s shares fell as much as 16% in after-hours trading on Tuesday. The company slashed its full-year earnings outlook based on “slower sales headcount growth and the elimination of [its] brand advertising product.”

6. This is the “buyout deal” a bunch of Gawker employees are quitting to take. Writers will be paid two months’ salary along with benefits, although no stock is involved.

7. Google may have thrown in the towel for Google+, but its social media problems are not going away. Google is losing market share to a “much larger global audience” than when it dominated the desktop-oriented world, an analyst tells Business Insider.

8. Mums are furious about a new Bugaboo ad that features a model running in a bikini. Bugaboo’s followers on Facebook and Instagram criticised the high-end buggy maker, with one commenter saying the images were “not appropriate.”

9. “I am Cait” premiered to high ratings on E! earlier this week. The show averaged an audience of 2.7 million viewers, although that was less than the 2.9 million viewers who tuned into the special Caitlyn Jenner episodes of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” in May.

10. A J. Crew customer has shared why she thinks the company is falling apart. She thinks the company has strayed from its roots, relies too much on the Madewell sister brand, that it does too many “irritating” collaborations with high-end brands, and that it gets too distracted by what rival companies are doing.

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