The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. One of Yahoo’s most important businesses stopped growing and could face a lot of questions on Monday. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has long touted Mavens, short for mobile, video, native, and social revenue, as the company’s new growth driver.

2. People are slamming Facebook for blaming its diversity problem on a lack of talent. The social media giant revealed on Thursday that it still mainly employs white men.

3. WPP’s GroupM has been redrafting its contracts with UK media owners. The timing is interesting as the revisions came shortly after the ANA report into alleged “non-transparent” practices at US media agencies was published.

4. A shocking new ad is shaming parents for not giving their children the HPV vaccine. The ad is for Gardasil, the vaccine for HPV, or human papillomavirus, made by Merck.

5. Nike’s recent Instagram represents a huge departure for the brand. People are loving the photo of a plus-size model on the Nike Women Instagram account.

6. New anti-Trump ads show people too uncomfortable to repeat some of his famous controversial quotes outloud. The ads are part of a $1.5 million joint digital ad campaign from super PACs Priorities USA, which is supporting Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, and EMILY’s list, a super PAC promoting “pro-choice Democratic female candidates in office”

7. Elisabeth Murdoch’s Vertical Networks has launched its made-for-Snapchat media brand “Brother.” Business Insider first reported on “Brother” back in April, but it launched on Friday, Recode reported.

8. A 2012 Google ad about a couple’s fictional breakup was so convincing the company had to make an auto-reply to assure people she had given the guy another shot. The ad for Google Chrome featured an email address, which, if emailed, responds assuring you “she said yes.”

9. The $1.2 billion takeover of Norweigan browser company Opera for $1.2 billion by a consortium of Chinese firms has failed. Instead, the consortium will take over certain parts of the business for $600 million. The new deal does not include its advertising business Opera Mediaworks.

10. Marketing Week has spoken to YouTube’s CMO on vloggers, the failure of Google TV, and treating consumers like “friends.” Danielle Tiedt admitted YouTube had the “right idea” but the wrong implementation when it came to the Google TV initiative.

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