The 10 Things In Advertising You Need To Know Today

McDonald'sFacebook/McDonald’sMcDonald’s has outlined a new marketing strategy it hopes will revive sales.

Good morning and welcome back to work. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising.

1. Twitter has dropped hints about its new video strategy. An FAQ page on the recently uncovered website details how Twitter’s native video player supports videos up to 10 minutes long, but sources have told Business Insider this page does not refer to the standalone video player the company referenced it was looking at in November. 

2. Fisher-Price filmed 2015’s first newborn babies to create a tear-jerker of an ad. The toy brand edited down the footage in just one day to create a 90-second video that has already been viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube. 

3. A US skater brand has been slammed for naming itself “IRA.” Impact Reduction Apparel was forced to distance itself from “affiliation with ANY terror groups” after being mocked and criticised on Twitter over its choice of moniker. 

4. Twitter has begun rolling out its Facebook-like “Timeline Highlights” feature. Some iOS Twitter app users noticed they have started seeing a “while you were away” post pinned to the top of their timelines. 

5. McDonald’s has outlined its new brand vision AdAge reports. The fast food chain is keeping its “I’m loving’ it” tagline but agency Leo Burnett has been charged with featuring “more positivity” in the brand’s marketing. 

6. Apple’s 2014 was defined by “thinking different.” Analyst Neil Cybart has taken a look back at a year in which Apple began marching to a different beat than the rest of the tech industry. 

7. Digiday asks whether Google is using YouTube to tighten its grip on ad tech. Google incentivizes clients signing big YouTube digital media deals to use its own demand-side buying platform DoubleClick Bid Manager rather than competitors. 

8. Fab CEO and Twitter shareholder Jason Goldberg went on a tweetstorm about Twitter’s problems, Re/code reports. Tweetstorms themselves, are a symptom of its issues, he said. 

9. Coca-Cola is taking part in the UK Government’s annual New Year anti-obesity marketing push “Change4Life” for the first time, Marketing Week reports. This year’s ad again highlights on the amount of sugar contained in fizzy drinks, but Coke has partnered with the initiative to offer Coke Zero and Diet Coke as “smart swaps” to highlight the range in its portfolio. 

10. LinkedIn has been renamed the “most empathetic” company, according to a study from UK creative agency Lady Geek. Retailer Carphone Warehouse came in last place, The Drum reports. 

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