The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Joe Zawadzki MediaMathMediaMathMediaMath CEO Joe Zawadzki.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of
advertising today.
1. Ad tech firm MediaMath reorganized its executive team to prepare for the “next phase” of the company. The company wants to increase its focus landing more enterprise-style contracts where Mediamath works with a marketer and their agency at the same time.

2. YouTube is now in a position to capture traditional TV ad spends. The problem until now has been that YouTube doesn’t have a big enough volume of high quality and long-form video. It’s rumoured to be working on a $35 a month streaming platform called “Unplugged” to compete with other services.

3. Publicis Media is using a new training program to attract STEM graduates. Graduate recruits are placed on a 120-day training program.

4. Samsung announced why its Galaxy Note 7 phones were exploding. Bad battery design and a rush to bring out an updated version some of the phones to overheat and even catch fire in some cases.

5. Facebook is using virtual reality pop-up stores to attract people to the Oculus platform. The demo, spotted in a Denver airport, allows people to try on an Oculus headset and explore different environments in VR.

6. The new Nintendo Switch console signals a big change for the company. After a series of flops, the Japanese gaming company’s upcoming console could either make or break its strategy of building gimmicky consoles.

7. The SEC is investigating Yahoo over why it took so long to disclose it had been hacked. The tech company is facing questions of whether it should have told investors earlier about the data breaches in 2014 and September 2016.

8. Tough Mudder launched a TV series on Sky Sports in the UK. The obstacle race stemmed from a Harvard Business School case study, and it generated $100 million in turnover in 2015.

9. There’s a hidden beta of Snapchat you can install. If you have an Android phone here’s how you can install it.

10. AT&T’s launch of DirecTV Now helped it sign-up new subscribers for the first time in seven quarters. AdAge reports that the telecoms company signed up at least 200,000 new subscribers to its streaming service, when analysts were expecting 61,000.

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