The 10 Things In Advertising You Need To Know Today

Victoria's secret football superbowl adYouTubeThe Angels appear in the first Victoria’s Secret ad since 2008.

Good morning. Catch up on all the latest advertising news before you head into your first meeting.

1. The TV industry suffered another “paltry” quarter at the end of last year. New data from Standard Media Index shows US TV advertising spend dropped 2% year on year in Q4.

2. Microsoft held an event on Wednesday to show off Windows 10. Highlights included a new hologram headset, offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade, and universal apps and games that work across PC, mobile and Xbox.

3. Grey Advertising New York has created a separate office space for its millennial staffers. “Base Camp” is a more “collaborative” working space that also includes separate training sessions and social events from the rest of the office.

4. Google wants to become a wireless carrier, according to a report from The Information. Google is apparently working on deals that would allow the company wholesale access to T-Mobile and Sprint’s voice and data networks.

5. Victoria’s Secret has unveiled its first Super Bowl ad since 2008. The ad, called “Don’t Drop The Ball,” is a friendly reminded that Valentine’s Day isn’t far away.

6. Netflix is ramping up its global expansion. It wants to expand from the 50 markets it is currently in, to 200 in the next two years.

7. The ex-CEO of web video titan Hulu has a bold new company that charges $US3 per month to give people early access to YouTube videos. Vessel will also be supported with advertising, or what the company is calling “motion posters.”

8. The publisher of the controversial UK-based “lad culture” website The Lad Bible has appointed the former communications chief of Northern & Shell (which owns The Daily Express and Daily Star newspapers) Mimi Turner as its first marketing director. The Guardian’s Media Monkey blog says Turner’s appointment is a sign that The Lad Bible’s publishers are trying to move away from its university campus roots and get more “legit and mainstream.”

9. Facebook is creating its own Super Bowl audience and packaging it up for ad dollars, AdAge reports. From Wednesday, Facebook began tracking status updates and comments for Super Bowl key words, which advertisers can buy ads against.

10. The UK Government is set to enforce a ban on branded cigarette packaging from May next year, the BBC reports. MPs are being asked to vote on the plan before May’s General Election.

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