The 10 Things In Advertising You Need To Know Today

Bud light super bowlYouTube/Bud LightBud Light recently teased one of its two Super Bowl XLIX commercials.

Good morning. Get your week off to a flying start by catching up on the most important advertising stories.

1. There were lots of trailers and teasers revealed last week from this year’s Super Bowl advertisers. Here is everything we know about the Super Bowl XLIX commercials so far.

2. 8.5% of Twitter’s monthly active users don’t actually do anything. Of Twitter’s 284 million users, 24 million are just machines — apps or pieces of software — that ping Twitter’s platform automatically “with no discernible user action involved,” according to the company’s disclosures to the SEC.

3. A recently published email exchange shows what Apple’s marketing chief Philip Schiller thought of Google Glass back when the product was first announced. “I can’t believe they think anyone (normal) will ever wear these things,” he said.

4. Google has a new competitive marketing tactic versus Microsoft. Google’s security team is uncovering bugs in Windows (particularly Windows 8) and telling the world about them before Microsoft gets a chance to fix the problems.

5. Here’s how Facebook is looking to siphon off TV ad spend. Digiday has obtained a copy of Facebook’s presentation deck from education sessions it held with research partner Nielsen.

6. Marketing Magazine has taken an in-depth look at what Coca-Cola’s new CMO needs to do to turn around the brand’s fortunes. Marcos de Quinto will need to break through internal politics and let his “streetfighter” personality shine through, sources who have previously worked at Coke or with Coke’s new CMO told the trade magazine.

7. Lexus has launched a super smart outdoor campaign, AdNews reports. The digital billboards are able to identify the type and colour of cars are driving past, and they will be able to determine weather conditions, in order to serve up relevant messaging.

8. YouTube is planning its own Super Bowl half time show, AdAge reports. The show will feature some of YouTube’s biggest stars, musical performances and fake ads.

9. The Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today has an interview with Yahoo’s new ad product chief Prashant Fuloria. Flurry, his former employer that was bought by Yahoo last year, will be a key focus.

10. ComScore plans to introduce a new measurement system this week that will track video audiences across computers, mobiles and other streaming devices, The New York Times reports. That type of cross-device tracking is something TV networks have long been asking for in order to demonstrate the size of their audiences beyond the household TV set.

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