The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Stranger Things Super BowlYouTubeNetflix’s Stranger Things Season 2 trailer generated over 307,000 tweets during the Super Bowl.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Netflix generated the most buzz of all advertisers during the Super Bowl. Its trailer for the second season of Stranger Things generated 307,000 tweets between 6.30 and 11. 30 p.m., according to marketing tech firm Amobee.

2. Facebook’s video streaming numbers in Australia crashed by 94% after Nielsen’s recalibration. After the audience measurement company revisited the way it measures videos on Facebook, it’s possible the social media company may not have overtaken YouTube as the leading video platform in the region.

3. Cards Against Humanity ran a Super Bowl ad of a potato with the word “Advertising” written on it. The ad was meant as a send-up of the advertising industry and aired only in the Midwest during the big game.

4. Google stopped serving ads on a website because of a 6-year-old comment. An image posted by a user in a comment on’s website was deemed pedophile content and led to a “huge financial hit” for the site last fall.

5. Snapchat is convinced its ads are better than TV ads. In Snap’s S-1 filing it argues that the ability for advertisers to target users and for users to swipe up on its ads and directly buy something make Snapchat ads more effective than TV.

6. Google will have to hand over emails stored outside of the United States. An American judge ordered Google to comply with search warrants seeking customer emails that are stored outside of the country. The decision is the opposite of one made in a similar case with Microsoft.

7. Ad tech companies are joining the amicus brief opposing Trump’s immigration ban. Rocket Fuel, AdRoll, and Turn joined a group of tech companies opposed to the legislation. MediaMath said it was opposed to the ban but did not sign the brief.

8. More than 800 advertisers said they won’t support Breitbart News. According to a database from a campaign group, advertisers such as Kellogg’s, BMW, and Visa have pledged to remove the site from their media plans.

9. BBC Worldwide signed a deal with Snapchat to create a six episode series in North America. The Snapchat show will be released in Canada and the US a day before its Planet Earth II show airs the day after, The Drum reports.

10. The Huffington Post is experimenting with its own “Stories” format. The publisher debuted its version of Snapchat and Instagram stories a “storybook” on Monday with an article about Lady Gaga’s upcoming world tour.

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