The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Snoop dogg tmobileT-Mobile/YouTubeSnoop Dogg starred in one of T-Mobile’s four Super Bowl ads.

Good morning. Here’s your Super Bowl special guide to what’s happening in advertising today.

1. These are all the ads that aired during last night’s Super Bowl, in order. We’ve rounded up all the national ads.

2. The five best ads of the Super Bowl. Our pick of the bunch.

3. The five worst ads of the Super Bowl. The ads we wish we hadn’t seen.

4. People praised Audi for its ad on gender pay equality. The spot came under criticism when it was pre-released, but viewers on the night appeared to love it.

5. We spoke to the creative director behind the controversial 84 Lumber Super Bowl ad. The spot made a big statement about immigration — and the initial version was blocked from airing because it was too political.

6. Coca-Cola re-ran its 2014 “America The Beautiful” ad in the pre-game. It was just as divisive this time around

7. Nintendo’s Super Bowl ad contained lots of hidden references to the Zelda games. You had to watch very closely to see them.

8. Vitamins retailer GNC is threatening to sue Fox from barring its ad from the Super Bowl. GNC says Fox rejected its ad last-minute because the broadcaster came under pressure from the NFL.

9. People are threatening to boycott Budweiser because of its immigration-themed Super Bowl ad. But the beer brand said it never intended to make a political statement.

10. Netflix dropped its trailer for the second series of “Stranger Things” during the Super Bowl. It will be set in 1984 and features a new monster.

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