The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Samsung galaxy s ii commercialSamsungThe popular Samsung Galaxy II ad, when the brand was in its heyday.

Good morning. Catch up on all the latest advertising news before you head off for the weekend.

1. Facebook has launched its first TV ads for The campaign, which rolled out in Australia and Canada this week, depicts the amazing feats people in some developing countries have already achieved, and asks how much more they could achieve if they were connected.

2. Google paid $US25 million to acquire the entire “.app” domain name. It’s the most any company has paid for a domain in ICANN’s top-level domain name auctions so far.

3. Here’s how Samsung won and then lost the smartphone war. Lots is riding on its next phone launch at Mobile World Congress next week and the brand will be relying as much on marketing as it is on the product itself.

4. Here’s the full 12-page Apple Watch spread in Vogue. The spread says a lot about how Apple is positioning the product.

5. Google made a huge announcement on Thursday that might stop people freaking out about its growth. The company is launching search ads within the Google Play store.

6. But YouTube still doesn’t make any money. Sources tell The Wall Street Journal that Google’s video product has yet to turn a profit.

7. Dunkin’ Doughnuts replaced Liverpool FC’s Hillsborough memorial flame on its crest with a picture of milkshakes and people were not happy about it. The brand has apologised for its social media gaffe.

8. Here are 10 questions to ask when designing your company’s logo. The worst mistake of all is settling on a logo before considering your rivals’ logos.

9. IHOP posted the best sales in a decade by making three major changes to the menu. Simple tricks like putting images of the entrees next to the items really paid off.

10. The internet is losing its composure over this dress that might be white and gold or black and blue. Naturally, brands have been jumping into the debate.

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