The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

NBA 2K YoutubeYouTubeThe NBA’s eSports league will launch in 2018.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Facebook has agreed to be audited for its ad metrics. The social network reported a series of miscalculated metrics in recent months, especially with video viewing.

2. The NBA is going to launch an eSports league. The basketball league partnered with video games company 2K Interactive to launch a competitive gaming tournament in 2018.

3. Analysts are blasting Twitter after its 2016 earnings. Its stock suffered significant drops on Thursday and Friday after its earnings call, and Wall Street analysts aren’t optimistic about its potential to attract mainstream users and grow its revenue.

4. How the Google News team decides what goes on the site and what doesn’t. Business Insider spoke to former employees to shine a light on Google’s editorial decision-making.

5. Verizon is launching an unlimited data plan. It launches today and is the first time in more than five years the US’ largest carrier will have an unlimited plan.

6. Inside Medium’s $134 million crash. The publishing platform recently laid off a third of its staff and was re-evaluating its business model.

7. Amazon’s Echo is all about music and home automation. CEO Jeff Bezos said the voice-controlled speakers weren’t about pushing people to buy on Amazon, rather he wants it to identify household tasks that can be automated.

8. Omnicom is moving the geographical center for Nissan for the West coast to the East coast. AdAge reports that the group is moving the center of its operations closer to the automotive brand’s headquarters in Tennessee.

9. This the augmented reality device Magic Leap has been working on. A photo of an early prototype gives the first look at what the final version of the device will be like.

10. An early Snapchat investor says its bad design is actually good. Lightspeed Ventures investor Jeremy Liew said the app’s confusing design is what makes it popular with younger people.

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