The 10 Things You Need To Know In Advertising Today

Sasha lussGetty ImagesModel Sash Luss will likely be fronting lots of ad campaigns in 2015.

Good morning. Before you wind down for the weekend, catch up on the most important stories in the advertising world today.

1. Time Inc. is making a huge ambitious bet to become a tech company. The magazine publisher accelerating partnerships with tech businesses, most recently IFTTT, and is looking at developing its own standalone apps and tech. 

2. Google is letting companies rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad revenue — then taking it away. One business has sued Google for $US1 million in revenue it allegedly earned from AdSense ads, which Google declined to pass to the company.

3. Unilever has dropped its lawsuit against Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo. Hellmann’s maker Unilever had said that “Just Mayo” has no eggs, therefore doesn’t meet the definition of mayonnaise, but it has now withdrawn the suit so Hampton Greek can address its label issue directly with industry groups and regulatory authorities. 

4. YouGov’s BrandIndex has ranked the restaurant chains that have the highest brand loyalty amongst millennials. McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Wendy’s are not in the top 5. 

5. Instagram has begun to delete millions of accounts. It is cracking down on spammers and fake accounts, but people are freaking out. 

6. From start to finish, this is how beacons send ads to your phone while you’re shopping. From creating a target customer called “Jennifer,” to an ad landing on her phone while she does her grocery shopping. 

7. These are the 15 hottest up and coming models. You’ll see many of these people fronting ad campaigns in 2015. 

8. Bustle, the one-year-old publication for women, now has 20 million monthly readers and has just raised a $US15.5 million round of financing. Bustle founder Bryan Goldberg tells Business Insider the site will pull in more than $US1 million in the fourth quarter of this year, largely from native advertising. 

9. NBC Universal is offering social media guarantees to advertising, AdAge reports. NBC’s new “Social Synch” product guarantees impressions on social media, elevating the role of social media in ad deals and trying to attract advertisers who are increasingly thinking digital-first. 

10. Google is making it easier for brands to figure out if online ads actually drive in-store traffic, Adweek reports. Its new “store visits” tool uses an algorithm to estimate how many people went into a store within 30 days of seeing a search ad. 

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