The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Mark zuckerbergEsteban Felix AP/Press Association ImagesMark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Facebook is taking yet another page out of Snapchat’s playbook by letting people create their own location-based camera filters. Facebook’s camera frames work almost identically to Snapchat’s geofilters.

2. Online junk food ads targeting children have been banned in the UK. The ban applies to the advertising of high fat, salt, or sugar (HFSS) food or drink products targeting under-16s across all non-broadcast media.

3. New research shows marketers are failing to make use of all available data to turn them into actionable insights, Marketing Week reports. The study came from IBM and was carried out by Econsultancy.

4. Media buyers are cooling on Snapchat Live stories as viewership is stagnating, Digiday reports. For more than a year, viewership for Live stories has been flat, at best.

5. Google Shopping is offering a virtual “Winter Wonderland” tour of New York’s holiday windows, The Drum reports. It allows consumers to see windows from 18 stores from a smartphone or computer.

6. A lawsuit has revealed texts between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and board member Marc Andreessen. Shareholders are accusing Andreessen of failing to represent investors’ interests, Bloomberg reports.

7. The Association of National Advertisers has warned that the online ad business is rife with fraud, Media Post reports. It estimates at least $7 billion this year was wasted on online ads that people do not see.

8. Developers can start bringing their applications and services to the Google assistant it announced on Thursday, Media Post reports. They will begin with conversation actions on Google Home.

9. ABC’s advertising sales chief Geri Wang is stepping down, The Wall Street Journal reports. The network said it was Wang’s decision to retire from ABC.

10. The idea for Google’s huge reorg came out of a secret Larry Page project called “Javelin. In addition to crazy ideas, Javelin laid the groundwork for a conglomeration of individual tech and science companies under the Alphabet umbrella.

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