The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

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Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. This investment bank presentation breaks down the complicated digital ad industry in 2016. LUMA Partners has released its annual State of Digital Marketing presentation.

2. Trump’s transition team has assured AT&T that the proposed AT&T and Time Warner merger will be treated without prejudice, according to the Financial Times. This runs contrary to Trump’s campaign rhetoric.

3. Twitter has bought a small, virtually unknown startup in order to get a new chief of product. The company has finally found a replacement for Kevin Weil, who will take on the challenging job of rekindling the service’s stalled user growth.

4. Facebook has outlined a plan for tackling fake news and hoaxes on its platform. But its plan to do so does not involve hiring human editors or giving special treatment to certain publications over others.

5. Amazon will announce a cloud-based header bidding solution for publishers, AdAge reports. Header bidding allows third-parties like Amazon, Criteo, and Rubicon (to name a few) compete on an even-footing with Google’s juggernaut AdX ad exchange.

6. Here’s what you need to know about Politico cofounder Jim VandeHei’s new media venture Axios. It will launch fully in January and cover the “collision between tech and areas such as bureaucracy, health care, energy, and the transportation infrastructure.”

7. A growing number of companies are pulling their ads off of Breitbart News. The far-right website until recently was run by President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon.

8. Avocado brand Avocados from Mexico will advertise on 2017’s Super Bowl for the third year running. The spot will focus on the healthiness of avocados.

9. The Guardian has documented six brands that have previously fought over trademark infringement in the wake of the Icelandic government taking on supermarket Iceland. Apple, Instagram, and Starbucks feature in the list.

10. Snapchat Discover partners have seen their viewership drop by a third after the app tweaked its Stories page to move Discover content to the bottom of the screen, Digiday reports. But a Snapchat spokesperson said: “Since changing the positioning of the featured content on the stories page, the number of daily active Snapchatters on Discover has continued to grow.”

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