The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Sundar PichaiJustin Sullivan/Getty ImagesGoogle CEO Sundar Pichai.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. AppNexus has filed for an IPO. The nine-year-old ad tech company has filed the paperwork confidentially, The Wall Street Journal reports, and the company may seek a valuation of up to $2 billion.

2. Google’s ad boss gave the company’s first big hint about how its ads might work with voice search. Sridhar Ramaswamy said: “One thing that we are all clear about is the days of three top text ads followed by 10 organic results is a thing of the past in the voice-driven world.”

3. GoPro is laying off 15% of its workforce, about 200 full-time positions, and shutting down its entertainment division. The company said it expects to incur about $24 million to $33 million in restructuring charges, mostly in its fourth quarter.

4. This is how startup “Attn:” averages a whopping 3.8 million views per video on Facebook. Attn:’s most effective tool: short viral videos, particularly animated ones spread on Facebook.

5. Breibart News called on readers to sign a #DumpKelloggs petition after the cereal maker said it would no longer advertise on its website, The Wall Street Journal reports. Kelloggs said it would pull its ads after consumers notified the manufacturer that its products were appearing on the news site.

6. The CEO of Dow Jones & Company William Lewis accused Google and Facebook of “killing news,” The Drum reports. Lewis said: “We kept warning them, saying ‘This is an accident waiting to happen — you are treating fake news in the same way as you are treating Wall Street Journal news. This is going to end up biting you.’ And so here it is, biting them!”

7. Mobile video metrics, which offer a data advantage to advertisers, will force TV to adapt, Ad Exchanger reports. Mobile video provides advertisers with a much richer set of engagement metrics over other formats.

8. Artificial intelligence startup Appier has launched a data product for marketers and announced a fresh round of funding totaling $19.5 million, The Drum reports. It will use the funding for research and development.

9. Digiday has published five charts on the state of influencer marketing. The majority of companies have developed influencer-marketing strategies in 2016, research shows.

10. UK publisher The Daily Mail reports to have seen an “improving trend” in print advertising post the Brexit hit, The Financial Times reports. The media group announced a 4% increase in group revenues for the 12 months to the end of September.

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