The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Coke kissed elvis adCoca-ColaCoca-Cola has a heritage of iconic marketing, but its brand value is eroding.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Omnicom CEO John Wren received a 33% pay rise to $US24 million in total compensation in 2014. That was the year of the failed Publicis/Omnicom merger.

2. Are we nearing the end of the Coca-Cola era? We chronicle the brand’s recent decline and look at whether it can return to its glory days.

3. YouTube is planning to roll out a subscription-based version that will let users watch videos without ads. If video creators don’t agree to the new terms, they can either choose not to make any money from YouTube at all (including from advertising), or they can set their videos to private, where nobody will see them.

4. Apple spent hundreds of hours filming flowers blooming and real jellyfish swimming just to put on the Apple Watch. The Watch faces have an insane level of detail that Apple hopes will help it stand apart from competitors.

5. Disney is reportedly playing hardball with Apple over its TV service. Disney wants Apple to include more of its channels, not just a streamlined selection as has been initially discussed.

6. Google’s most important business has a huge problem. Cost per click on its search ads is down, and the rate of decline is accelerating.

7. A startup swore 1,000 customers to secrecy so it could come out of nowhere at a $US2 billion valuation. Data management startup Domo just raised $US200 million in Series D funding.

8. Here are all the brands that appear the most in “Furious 7.” Dodge tops the list.

9. 7-11 has a ridiculous new promotion for Slurpee fans. The retailer is letting customer bring in their own cups (or mixing bowls, hats, teapots, and buckets) from home to fill with Slurpees.

10. Bojangles’ is the latest hot restaurant chain to go public. Here’s why people love it.

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