The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Tim cook with new macbookREUTERS/Robert GalbraithApple CEO Tim Cook.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. This is what it’s like to attend one of “King of Instagram” Dan Bilzerian’s legendary house parties. The VP of creative and innovation at mobile marketing and technology company Somo was lucky enough to get an invite.

2. Tim Cook said during his company’s earnings call on Monday that we are on the verge of major changes to media. And Apple wants to be a part of that, he added. Streaming, perhaps?

3. Apple is working with Box and a bunch of other companies to get iPads into businesses. The iPad was one of the only disappointing areas in Apple’s quarterly results.

4. Here’s a full list of the best companies to work for in America, according to employer information website PayScale. Google and Facebook are the top-ranking companies.

5. Facebook has added video calling to its Messenger app. It even works with Android, unlike Apple’s FaceTime.

6. ESPN is suing Verizon over its “Custom TV” pricing plans. ESPN alleges that Verizon violated its contract by placing it in a sports tier, according to documents filed Monday in New York Supreme Court.

7. The number of people actively using Twitter may actually be in decline. The amount of people tweeting or creating new accounts peaked in August 2014, but has since tumbled, a source with access to Twitter’s user data tells Business Insider.

8. Chipotle says it will stop using genetically modified ingredients in its food. The brand has started advertising the GMO elimination in its restaurants.

9. The Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today takes a look at seven questions hovering over digital media companies’ version of the television upfronts. The New Fronts are taking place over this week and early next week.

10. London’s transport authority TfL has told Marketing Week it wants to open more tube stations up for sponsorship. Canada Water was recently temporarily re-named “Buxton Water” during the London Marathon.

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