The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Bustle acquired Elite Daily. The millennial-focused media group rebranded as Bustle Digital Group and has an estimated readership of over 80 million.

2. Burger King created more versions of its ad that triggers Google Home. Google blocked the original ad from launching a search on its voice-controlled speaker, according to a report from Ad Age.

3. Snapchat is launching a self-serve platform for advertisers. The service will let advertisers buy ads in house and is set to launch in early May, according to Digiday.

4. Disney is the world’s biggest licensor. The company had $US56.6 billion in licensed products sold in 2016, according to The Drum.

5. NBC is close to close to being able to have a say on Hulu. The government regulations put in place when Comcast acquired the broadcaster are set to expire in September 2018, Ad Age reported.

6. Princeton University is developing an “undefeatable” ad blocker. Called the Perceptual Ad Blocker, it identifies the content on a webpage rather than going through HTML markup, according to The Next Web.

7. A lawsuit against Snapchat alleged the app is for “rich people.” The lawsuit from a former Snapchat employee said CEO Evan Spiegel didn’t want to expand to “poor countries like Spain and India,” according to Ad Age.

8. Luxury ad spend will grow by 2.9% in 2017. The growth comes from China, Japan, and the US follows a -0.5% growth in 2016.

9. Wingstop is looking for a new creative agency. The restaurant chain already hired Publicis Starcom as its new agency and is now looking to move away from its current creative partner Barkley, Ad Age reported.

10. Mother New York’s head of new business and creative director left the agency. The executives of the independent creative shop left separately, according to Agency Spy.

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