The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Nike plus appNikeNike’s new #BetterForIt women’s marketing campaign launched on Sunday.

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1. Nike has launched its biggest-ever global advertising push targeting women. The company estimates its women’s lines will add $US2 billion in incremental sales by 2017.

2. Comcast wants the FCC to forget all about its terrible customer service record. It does not believe its history of terrible customer service transgressions should impact the FCC’s decision on whether to approve its $US45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable.

3. Italian pizza chefs are threatening to sue McDonald’s for claiming children prefer burgers in a Happy Meal ad. The True Neapolitan Pizza Association, which represents pizza makers across Italy, accused McDonald’s of a “shameful attack” against Italy’s cultural traditions, while and warned them to stop “trying to make money at the expense of children’s health”.

4. Twitter is pushing celebrities and publishers to stop using video streaming app Meerkat. Sources told TechCrunch that Twitter has even gone as far as telling some media companies using Meerkat that if they don’t use its streaming app Periscope, it could cut off access to its video advertising program Amplify.

5. Twitter has cut off firehose access to third-party data resellers such as DataSift, The Next Web reports. It is stepping up its own in-house data business.

6. Donald Trump had a Twitter fight with T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere on Sunday. Both complained about the other company’s poor service.

7. We found out where the little Android robot mascot came from. It just started to “show up” all over Android’s apps.

8. It’s official: Michael Kors isn’t cool any more. It has lost its position in Morgan Stanley’s “Best Ideas” list and its stock has plummeted 37% in the past year.

9. Here’s the TV ad Samsung hopes will persuade you to buy a Galaxy S6 instead of an iPhone. It features a cameo from British popstar Rita Ora.

10. There are some surprising subliminal sex messages hidden in ads for otherwise wholesome brands. We take a look at five examples.

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